Team and Work Group Community of Practice - Latest Developments and Challenges in Team Coaching

The challenges facing the future leadership of every organization are becoming greater and more complex as the pace, nature and scale of change constantly increases and transforms. With a concern that the leadership development industry is not sufficiently supporting and developing the leaders and collective leadership of the future to be equipped to face these growing demands, two years ago Henley Business School in the UK commissioned a global research study to discover how leadership development needs to change to remain relevant.

The Tomorrow’s Leadership and the Necessary Revolution in Today’s Leadership Development report was released in May 2017, and contains fascinating insights from organisations, surveys and thought leaders. One of the biggest realizations is that leader development is most effective when it takes place on-the-job, in the context of the system of which the leader is a part. This has huge implications for coaching.

As coaches working in organisations, we too have to shift our approach significantly to remain relevant to the needs of the individuals, teams and organisations who contract us. Coaching has to evolve equally fast to continue to meet the needs of those it serves.

With the huge growth in demand for work with teams, in this high-impact experiential talk, Peter Hawkins discusses the rapid shift from simply coaching the team in relationship with itself, to coaching the team systemically in relationship with its stakeholders, to the even more complex co-creative process of working with the team in relation to its wider business ecosystem.

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