Coaching Science Community of Practice - All the Leader You Can Be: The What and Why of Executive Presence

What is executive presence, and why does it matter? Intuitively, leaders know it’s an important success factor. Sometimes it’s described as presentation skill, polish, charisma or professional image. However, these descriptions fail to acknowledge the deeper-level facets that enable leaders to align, inspire, and move people to act. Through extensive research, Suzanne Bates and her team have cracked the code and redefined executive presence as the 15 qualities that allow leaders to influence.decisions, engage hearts and minds, and mobilize above and beyond effort from people. In this interactive webinar session Suzanne shares her breakthrough, innovative, science-based model of executive presence – the Bates Executive Presence Index (ExPItm) – and how leaders can leverage the powerful assessment tool through which the model is delivered to take action and develop the right behaviors to dramatically increase their influence and outcomes. In the session you find out about the first and only scientific model of executive presence, and why it is so foundational to helping leaders excel and accelerate their impact and results. Viewers learn about the research on which facets of executive presence are crucial to driving growth and innovation. Suzanne will review case studies that showcase how you can coach leaders, groups, and teams to improve their executive presence.

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ICF Global - February 2018 1.5 Resource Development from January 01, 2018