Team and Work Group Community of Practice - Intelligent Teams: Shifting from the Speed of Change to the Speed of Evolution

Marita Fridjhon joins the ICF Team and Work Group Coaching Community of Practice as they present “Intelligent Teams: Shifting from the Speed of Change to the Speed of Evolution.” The profession of coaching has its roots in multiple disciplines. Over time it set a new standard for the integration of relevant material and experiences from different professions into a body of work uniquely serving individual and systemic growth. Team Coaching is currently the fastest growing niche in the More…coaching industry. With so much research currently focusing on the speed of change and upheaval as a daily reality, it has become challenging – particularly in organizational coaching– to focus on “being” rather than doing. In corporate and executive work, performance, and the ability to deal with upheaval, have become key goals. Once again, we are challenged to think out of the box, to lift the gaze beyond the obvious research, that we all are familiar with. Where else might there be relevant information to create from? To quote Dr. Marshall Goldsmith “what got us here, won’t get us there.”

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