Coaching & Human Capital Community of Practice - Four Thinking Strategies: Understanding what Drives Personal and Organizational Change

Our clients, both individuals and organizations, are constantly facing greater complexity and faster change. How can we help them best use their talent in these circumstances?

A powerful approach is to understand Thinking Strategies. Human beings develop more complex thinking strategies as we mature; these strategies in turn help us deal with growing complexity and change in our environment. But each stage of growth brings the seeds of its own limitations. The challenge for coaches and consultants is to help our clients find the right “fit” with the changes swirling around them.

In this presentation, Ann Kruse, ACC teaches the Coaching & Human Capital Community of Practice about the four thinking strategies most common in the workplace, how our thinking strategies develop and change over time, and how we can use this understanding in our coaching and consulting work.

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ICF Global - May 2018 1 Resource Development from January 01, 2018