Coaching and Human Capital Community of Practice - The Neuroscience of Change

Join the ICF Coaching and Human Capital Community of Practice and Marc Hurwitz as they discuss the neuroscience of change.

As a coach, your job is to assist your clients in creating enduring change. You have learned many effective coaching tools to create awareness, design effective actions, and aid in planning & goal setting. But is there more? Specifically, can neuroscience help you be even more effective and deliberate in what you do?

The simple answer is yes, but not in the way you have likely seen before. For example, understanding the amygdala or the differences in the left and right hemispheres don't improve your coaching, but an intimate knowledge of how the brain learns does (it isn't the way you might imagine!). In this fast-paced hour, you will learn a few foundational principles of human neuroscience that will permanently enhance your ability to promote meaningful, lasting change.

Credit Information

Activity Number Credit Amount Accreditation Period
ICF Global - December 2019 1 Core Competency from January 01, 2019