Internal Coaching Community of Practice - Internal Coaching in Times of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a crisis for people and organizations around the world. The Internal Coaching Community of Practice will host a facilitated discussion in support of the internal coaching community to explore ideas and best practices in navigating this unprecedented situation that they and their clients are facing.

Please come ready to discuss the following questions:

Question 1:  We, as internal coaches, are expected and being asked to support leaders to navigate uncertainty and change.  Who would like to share their experience (positive or challenges)? 2-3 shares

If positive share - what supported you?

If negative share - what made it a challenge?  What did you really want? What did and didn’t you ask for?

Question 2: What resources are your leveraging during this time (people, content, coaching tools, methodology, thought leaders, etc) to add the most value to your leaders and organization?

Question 3: What challenges have you had to overcome? (virtual coaching, reduction of headcount, client’s not able to commit to coaching (demands of business to be elsewhere), leaders getting laid off, changes to business requirements/outcomes, crisis coaching)

Question 4: What are you doing to keep on your A-game as a coach (self-care, focus, productivity, presence, etc)?

Credit Information

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ICF Global - April 2020 0.5 Core Competencies from January 01, 2020
ICF Global - April 2020 0.5 Resource Development from January 01, 2020