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Build track sessions help coaches expand and diversify their businesses.

Note: Recordings viewed from this course are considered Self-Study, which falls into the category of Resource Development. When renewing a credential, individuals are to submit the name of the session(s) watched and the date(s) in the self-study section of the renewal application. This track totals to 9.75 credit hours. 

Content active until March 2025 

Build Session Descriptions 

Just GO!

William Arruda

Fawn Germer

Keynote Abstract: Suddenly, we’re back to “normal.” (Wahoo!) So, what’s your plan? As everyone heads back to the office or makes peace with forever working remotely, there is massive shift in professional confidence and well-being. As others climb out of the chaos, you’ve got an opportunity to recommit and push-market yourself to the next level and the next. Oh, but, there’s that word: marketing. (Cringe.) Best-selling author Fawn Germer will show you how to take greater risk, drive forward with more verve and brand yourself with the one secret ingredient nobody else has: Your authentic self. Turn your personal wisdom into your signature strength, then see huge results. Don’t just think about it. Just GO.

Measuring the Impact of Coaching

Nader Bechini, ACC

Session Abstract: Globally, it is estimated that there were approximately 71,000 coach practitioners in 2019 who collectively generated $2.849 billion USD in annual revenue. That number is rapidly increasing. As the profession continues to grow, it is imperative that coaching professionals address the issue of accountability. In fact, when it comes to measuring the impact of coaching, no metric is more important to senior leaders than ROI. Many studies have indicated that almost all coaches stated that they "know" coaching has been effective, but the evidence to support this is mostly anecdotal. According to the ICF's 2019 Global Coaching Study, measuring the impact of coaching was considered to be a challenge of the profession. Our session will help you overcome this challenge with limited resources. One of the myths about ROI is that it is expensive and too complex. The reality is that it is logical, simple and easy process with cost saving opportunities along the way. Most coaches have the available resources to make it work. You'll learn 12 easy steps process for measuring the impact of coaching. The Process will show you how to : - Isolate the effects of coaching; - Convert business impact to money - Tabulate coaching costs - Calculate ROI - Identify intangible benefits of coaching

Leveraging Videos to Market Your Coaching Business

Staci Witten, PCC

Session Abstract: Now more than ever, coaches need a digital marketing strategy that includes social media. You need a presence on social media so you can nurture your target audience by allowing them to get to know you and build trust. As you build the know/like/trust factor, you will strengthen and grow your client base. To have this type of presence online, you must meet your audience where they are, show up regularly and post content consistently. If you are saying to yourself, “But we are coaches, not marketers" or "We don’t have time to create days and months of social media content!” … or do we? What if you could spend only 30 minutes a week to create multiple pieces of social media content? During this session, Staci Witten, ACC, will share her video repurposing strategy to take your social media presence to the next level. You will learn why video is king, how to be strategic in your approach and how to spend less than one hour each week creating multiple pieces of content to post across various platforms. Let's plan your digital media strategy! Come geek out with Staci and discover a marketing content strategy to start implementing immediately.

Using Social Media to Build Your Practice (Without Having it Take Over Your Life)

William Arrruda

Session Abstract: Social media is a powerful tool for being visible, available and valuable to your clients and prospects. Done right, it can help you build stronger relationships with existing clients and open the door to new clients and business opportunities. But without the proper strategy and action plan, it can be a giant waste of time. In this presentation, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to build an effective social media marketing strategy – including platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc. – so you can attract the attention of the people you seek to influence.

Creating an Authentic and Profitable Coaching Business

Dhru Beeharilal, PCC

Session Abstract: Coaching is an amazing and vast field with research, tools, approaches, assessments and activities that are too numerous to count. It would be extremely easy for a coach to spend years doing nothing but studying the field and still have much to study. But how does this all affect their business? How do you integrate the practice of coaching into a business and actually make money doing so? How do you turn the practice of coaching into the business of coaching? This session will cover exactly that. From the very beginning basics to creating workflows, growing and scaling, to marketing and strategy, we will cover the foundations and iterations required to run a successful coaching business.

Podcasting for Growth

Donna Peters, ACC

Session Abstract: This session will share how podcasting can grow your coaching business. A podcast allows you a meaningful way to signal who you are as a coach and can help you attract the best coaching fit for you. Whether as a host, a guest or a listener, podcasts are the hottest channel for communicating who you are as a coach to grow your business organically. This session will balance the aspirational and the practical by focusing on the why, what, how, when, where and who of podcasting as a coach.

Session Description: This session will share how podcasting can grow your coaching business. Podcasting allows you to signal, in meaningful ways, who you are as a coach. Podcasting help you attract the best coaching fit for you. Whether as a host, a guest, or a listener, podcasting is the hottest channel for communicating who you are as a coach to grow your business organically.

Sales is a Coaching Process

Christel Land

Session Abstract: If you don't feel completely comfortable in sales, then this session is for you. Discover how selling is actually a coaching process and how you can apply your coaching skills to the sales arena in order to sell your services effectively and with authenticity. You will learn how to tailor your communication and approach to different types of customers and how to sell authentically and ethically.

The Story Advantage - Unleash Your Story Power

Lisa Bloom, PCC

Session Abstract: Telling a powerful story is one of the most important actions you can take in your business. Never before has storytelling been more needed. Even though we are more digitally connected than any previous time in history, we are experiencing a pandemic of disconnection. Even though we have more virtual gatherings and communities, people feel more lonely and isolated than ever. While the world experiences multiple crises on a scale that has never been seen in human history – climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, leadership incompetence, poverty and social injustice – we need hope and meaning more than ever. And storytelling delivers just that. In this session, we’ll explore how to: • thrive personally and professionally, creating phenomenal opportunities with the power of an authentic story • discover your innate storyteller, understand the power of story and begin to live and tell the stories that will impact and inspire your professional and personal life.

Personal Branding: How to Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

Elena Ivanushkina, PCC

Session Abstract: In times of limited face-to-face networking, we all need new tools to connect, build trust and promote ourselves and what we do in an authentic way. In this session, we'll explore strategic steps, tools and methods to build a powerful brand that will enable you to position yourself (and be recognized as) a thought leader. Having a strong personal brand and being visible as a coach offers many other benefits, too. It will allow you to attract more clients, sell your services more easily (and at higher rates) and receive interesting offers for collaboration and speaking engagements - all of which bolster your positioning as a thought leader.

3 Steps for Leveraging LinkedIn as a Time-Strapped Coach

Akua Nyame-Mensah, ACC

Session Abstract: Learn how to take your LinkedIn presence to the next level by leveraging three simple steps. This session will teach you how to start building a LinkedIn presence that nurtures opportunities without having to spend hours on LinkedIn. In this session, you will learn the three steps you need to take to improve your LinkedIn presence and make the most of the time you spend on LinkedIn.

How to Build Your Business: Partnering with Organizations

Ann Farrell, PCC

Session Abstract: Each year Organizations invest more than $300 billion USD in talent development with coaching and training. Yet most of the business-building advice for coaches is focused on building a coaching business one person at a time. Very little of that advice actually works for landing business with organizations. In this session, you will learn the proven strategies that work in this situation. While the number of coaches continues to rise, the number who are able to make a living doing this great work has remained relatively flat in the single digits. The ability to successfully land business directly with organizations can make all the difference in both the number of people you impact as well as your revenues. Not only is there an abundance of need for coaching in organizations, there is also a personal best approach for each coach. The objective of this session is to provide all coaches with access to and a clear understanding of the strategies that really work to land and deliver in this huge market segment so that all interested in doing so may know how.

Niching Your Business and Building Your Brand

Jillian Lawrence

Session Abstract: Are you having trouble finding new clients? What if you didn't actually have to find them, but rather attract them? This session on Niching Your Business and Building Your Brand is designed to help you create a simple and powerful strategy to identify and attract your dream clients both on and offline. This interactive presentation will help you learn how to identify you coaching practice's niche so that your marketing reaches the people who seek transformation through your process. You offer something that no ones has. You have a unique way of being and gifts that you can leverage to grow your business. Growing your business isn't about being on social media all day long. In fact, my heart-centered teachings encourage you to diversify your marketing to learn what works best for you. Your marketing has to feel good to you and to those you're attracting. In this session, you'll learn about many different avenues you can take to find a strategy that aligns with you and your brand. You can expect to learn how to micro-niche your practice, create clear messaging to attract your ideal clients and gain confidence in marketing your services!

Coaching and Cross-Cultural Competence: Unlocking the Code for Leaders

Linda McLoughlin, MCC, MBS

Catherine Tanneau, MCC

Session Abstract: In this session, Linda and Catherine draw on the latest coaching research and current practices in organizations to explore the emerging role of professional coaches as DEI ambassadors and role models. Learn how a coaching culture can boost cross-cultural awareness and competence, and how external and internal coaches can use their own presence and partnering at the system level with leaders to create this. Coaching skills as part of the leadership toolkit can support the development of cross-cultural savviness by increasing awareness of self and others; using empathy to deepen rapport and trust; being present, open and curious in interactions and by listening actively to create interpersonal connection and understanding. The move to virtual workplaces and the associated shift in talent acquisition post-COVID presents a real challenge in managing workforces and teams with greater diversity than ever before. The remote workplace means we can hire remotely also. Also rising social consciousness on issues of ethnicity and social justice have carried over to workplaces and leaders need to role model authentic inclusion. Coaching skills used consistently by an organization’s leadership will bring DEI policies and procedures to life and ensure leaders walk the talk. This helps to become an employer of choice and retain good talent.